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picnic scene in the contemporary city

Tokyo Picnic Club's 6th annual picnic was held in Yokohama. Yokohama has been the biggest port city in Japan since re-opening of Japan to foreign countries 150 years ago. We enjoyed this industrial harbor view with ships and cranes. We, Tokyo Picnic Club, are interested in finding a new value in contemporary urbanscape, as well as in promoting beautiful urban green spaces. We hope picnic can help people to enjoy and feel engaged in urban spaces.


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brownfield picnic beer

It is a pleasure that Alastair Gilmour, awarded beer writer in UK, has mentioned our "brownfield picnic beer" in his column in Journal newspaper in North East of England.

... it's a fine example of a speciality brew, a Belgian-style strong dark ale which for all the world is reminiscent of one of that country's decent, spicy wheat beers. It's bottle-conditioned, extremely lively, with an initial aroma of ginger that we then decide is a combination of coriander and orange peel. A hint of cinnamon joined the palate along with an earthy vegetableness then the aftertaste returned to a whiff of orange.
And, you know what it accompanied brilliantly? We decided there was too much going on inside the glass to partner something equally flavoursome (it has four malts and four hop varieties in its make-up), so sliced a large triangle of cold mince pie. Its slightly fatty flaky pastry and musty but rich meatiness had food and drink sitting down together, conversing beautifully.
("Raw talent" by Alastair Gilmour)

We, Japanese, have had a fine sense of association between landscape and food as well as between season and food. Tokyo Picnic Club has quested contemporary combination of landscape and food for the 21st century. "Greenfield picnic beer" and "brownfield picnic beer" are one of our challenges. And this summer we're trying to develop new combinations in NewcastleGateshead.

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developing Picnopolis project

TPC members visited NecastleGateshead to develop our project "Picnopolis NewcastleGateshead". We walked around to hunt great picnic sites and meet local food producers and retailers to develop original picnic recipe. People's reactions to our project were much more positive than we had expected. NewcastleGateshead is at the forefront of creative cities. We found that this situation is supported by those who are positive and enthusiastic about the cities.

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Opening Hours of Shinjuku Gyoen Park in Tokyo


One of the biggest park in Tokyo closes its gates at 16:30, and have no seasonal changes for its opening hours. It means that if you are working from morning to evening, you never can have a rest there. I feel it so exclusive and ridiculous, and that's the reason why Tokyo Picnic Club had started to fight for the Picnic Right. Also, on the information board, you can see they're saying "Enjoy yourself!". wow...
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001:1802年のPic-Nic Club
First Pic-Nic Club in 1802


On 15th March, 1802, the first "Pic-Nic Club" was founded in London. The word of Picnic became popular by their activities, and then it had spread over the world. Tokyo Picnic club was established in 2002, to celebrate the bicentennial anniversary of original Picnic Club, to explore the modern picnic in our urban circumstance.
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